The Outsourcing process offers many operational and economical advantages. However, this is a very delicate process mainly because it is based on an informational and knowledge flow that requires an accurate initial analysis and constant quality control throughout the product’s life cycle. Therefore adequate initial project planning, human and technical resource optimization, continuous monitoring and constant quality control are the vital aspects of outsourcing.

Our management team has implemented a strict workflow as follows:

  • joint analysis of the project requirements and documentation
  • research and solution planning / design
  • software development / modeling
  • implementation
  • quality control
  • product life cycle forecast and optimization

This process produces several competitive advantages such as:

  • improved management of the existing internal resources
  • HR cost minimization (forming a new inbound team of developers and specialists is futile when hiring an outsourcing team)
  • improved time management, technical resources and affordability
  • optimization and focus on the internal human resources (improvement of the already existing resources without needing to develop a new team)

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