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Cantine Panicacci

I am truly pleased with OracolTech’s work. They exceeded my expectations regarding the website’s design and functionality. Their translator team is also extremely capable: I asked my Chinese and Russian native friends to take a look at the translations and they were impressed by the translators’ proficiency. Excellent work!
Enrico / Owner

By gestione

Bilance Firenze is intended as a brochure website / promotion blog for Faberservice Firenze.   Upon the client’s request, we have also created a small online marketing campaign to promote his business in the target region. You can learn more about this particular campaign here.

OracolTech understood right away my need for promoting my services in this particular business sector. We found common ground from the very first moment, which led us to obtaining remarkable results regarding the site’s development, functionality and search engine position. Upon their suggestion I opened up a blog for promoting my new and second-hand products. I am very satisfied with their work and I truly admire their passion.

Fabio Matini /Owner / Faber Service Firenze

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