By Maria Ciocirlan

4 reasons for creating high quality content instead of viral content

I want it viral!” – when it comes to content, this is what I keep hearing and reading lately. But people keep forgetting that according to Google, the first rule of content is “Focus on the user and all else will follow.”

1. The 15 minutes of viral fame won’t last long enough

Of course, creating viral content will definitely increase the awareness of your brand. But viral comes and goes – it’s the internet version of 15 minutes of fame. You want your brand (may it be personal or company brand) to be remembered as a whole, not as a piece of content.

2. High quality content keeps your audience more engaged

Making your audience resonate with you will lead to conversions. It is true, viral content leads to incredible exposure. However, unless your brand image isn’t already well developed, no matter how viral your content is you still won’t be perceived as an authority on the matter.

3. Content creation enables you to study and learn what your audience wants

Creating content will help you better understand who your target is and what resonates with them. Test out strategies; learn what works and what doesn’t work.

4. Build your image and then work your way up towards creating viral content

The viral content will enhance your opportunity to present yourself and your brand on a large scale. If you have nothing to show, people won’t remember you.

Viral is for raising awareness. But in order to build a successful viral campaign, you should to build your way up towards being a trusted figure in your domain. That requires a lot of work, indeed… But remember, you are not creating content for the internet or search engines, you are developing content for your audience. People are looking for interesting, creative, high quality content. Give it to them, build your audience and understand who they are and what they want to see. After completing these steps you can start thinking if a viral campaign will help you achieve your next goal.

There is no question as to what is the best way to reach your prospects and customers. Organic reach is what every fresh company dreams of.

Organic reach is like word-of-mouth – highly efficient, but difficult to achieve if you are lacking the right tools. If you are a small business owner or if you are looking for personal branding on a limited budget, hiring an expert is usually out of the question.

Reaching to your target audience via paid search is definitely more affordable. And with all the tools, tips and tricks available online, setting up a campaign doesn’t look that hard.
What you definitely need to know is that you need to create content that looks interesting to your prospects before investing into serious campaign.

Content. Relevance. Quality.

These are the three things you constantly need to worry about. Every SEO guru is talking about these. But are they relevant to your paid clicks? Definitely.

Let’s say you have decided to promote your brand via Google AdWords. If your content isn’t relevant and lacks quality Google will penalize your ads. Your CPC will increase (Cost Per Click) and your ad won’t rank as high as you’d want (or it won’t be shown at all).

Your next move will probably be a bid increase so you’ll rank higher. Your ad is pretty compelling and prospects click it. But it isn’t the thing they were looking for, and they leave right away. You are ROI (Return on Investment) is negative. So you decide to reevaluate everything

Can you see the mistake now? You should have reevaluated everything from the very first time. You should have analyzed why your ad score was low, and you should have created a more compelling ad that linked to a page with highly relevant content.

What Google and SEO experts alike keep saying is true. Content is the holy grail of your brand. It is a difficult task, you’ll need to optimize and adapt constantly. Don’t worry, you’ll get good at it. Practice makes perfect.

My advice to you is to experiment. If you believe you have reached a good level of optimization, you may consider starting with a CPC micro-campaign (take a look at our casestudy) and see where that goes. Learn from your mistakes and research everything thoroughly. Last, but not least, don’t be afraid to try some out of-the-box ideas, they might be just the thing your new-born brand needs.

4 reasons for creating high quality content instead of viral content
Case study: Google AdWords